From Seattle, WA, USA
by Alex


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The Fundamental

There's a dance that's sweeping the nation
All you need's a congregation
Everybody's doing it, you can, too
Here's what you gotta do

Point your finger here and there
Wave your morals in the air
Shake your head but not your hips
Talk a lot about an apocalypse
Formulate some sort of creed
That promises heaven guaranteed
Don't be subtle, don't be gentle
Do the fundamental

Now create an enemy
On whom to vent your energy
Is anything wrong in the world today?
It's his fault! Make him pay!
Sell your panic door to door
That's what holy war is for
Be judgemental, it's not accidental
When you do the fundamental

Catholics, Protestants and Jews
Both the shiites and the druze
Anyone who sits in pews can do the fundamental
Militia compounds way out west
Even buddhists over in Budapest
People giving out personality test
Are doing the fundamental

Raise some money now of course ya
Gotta find a legislator to endorse ya
Paint the world in black and white
Lobby to the left and lobby to the right
Point your finger at this or that
Republican or democrat
Get govermental, perhaps the president'll
Do the fundamental

Sing this song
We are right and you are wrong
We've got a corner on the will of God
You gotta kinda act a little like a mental
Doing the fundamental

ある人のブログのエントリーにつられて、今度のコンサートからもう一曲。宗教の「基本主義・原理主義」をコミカルに風刺した歌。最初この曲をもらったときには、こんな歌詞を歌っていいのかとか心配したけど、言論の自由は保障されてるし!(笑) この曲はコーラスの中でも、今回のレパートリーの中でかなりトップクラスな人気のようデス。
by alexsea | 2007-06-12 00:18 | 日記 | Comments(4)
Commented by へたれうさ被衣姫 at 2007-06-17 01:22 x
Commented by alexsea at 2007-06-17 02:26

Commented by mondoarmonia at 2007-06-17 06:22
久しぶりです! イタリアに戻ってきました!
Commented by alexsea at 2007-06-18 08:15

イタリアにおかえりなさいまし! 楽しい日本滞在だったようで、なによりです。でも仕事であちこち行けていいなぁ…。僕はコンピュータ相手の仕事なんで、どこにも行けません。ああ、早く次のバケーションを企画しないと(笑)。モロッコとかは行ってみたい国の一つなんで、ブログを期待してます!
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